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Clair obscur - commercial photography

With almost 20 years of experience in commercial photography, video and multimedia Clair Obscur uses all of its expertise to offer you a professional and personalized service. 

Beyond the image, there is an emotion; one that inspires and enthrals us. Sometimes barely detectable to the naked eye, this emotion is caught with our lens and transformed into images, thus paying tribute to the diversity of our customer’s projects. 

For several years, we have been committed to offering hassle free global imaging services. In order to fulfill the growing needs of our customers, Clair Obscur provides a multitude of complementary services. 

In addition to its expertise in professional imaging, Clair Obscur also offers services in artistic direction, location, talent managing, etc. And better yet, Clair Obscur offers workspace for both small and big projects in a large, modern and comfortable studio!
For all your professional imaging in Montreal, Laval or on the North shore? Or even in the Lower Laurentians or on the South shore? We’ll come to you, and ensure your projects are a success!